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Tower Cakes - Natalia Da Silva - englisch

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With her TOWERCAKES, the world-famous artist Natalia Da Silva presents magical cakes. She has... mehr
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With her TOWERCAKES, the world-famous artist Natalia Da Silva presents magical cakes. She has developed this new, patented system for constructing multi-tiered cakes, which tell complete stories.

Cakes that are more than a metre high on a minimal base plate - these are the impressive cake creations of Natalia Da Silva. In this book, the artist explains the static structure and decoration of the carved cakes in depth with detailed step-by-step instructions.

In six unique TOWERCAKES, fairy tales and stories that inspire young and old come to life: Hansel & Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack & the Beanstalk, The world of fragrances, The Circus and Sweets & Ants.

Learn new techniques and create your own TOWERCAKES. This book contains:
- 156 pages with detailed descriptions and lots of photos
- Basics, recipes and accessories
- Painting & carving techniques
- Six TOWERCAKES projects

About the Author:

Born in Uruguay, with over 25 years of experience in cake decorating, Natalia Da Silva took out a patent on a new system for stacking multitiered cakes known as “TOWERCAKES“. 

Having participated in several competitions, winning ?rst prizes and gold medals, she is well-known and acknowledged internationally. She has been invited to teach her new patented system in various countries, such as Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, the United States, Portugal, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium, China, Indonesia and Mozambique, to name just a few.

She likes to retell stories with her works of art, characterise people or illustrate speci?c situations. The system of “TOWERCAKES” considers not only statics but also our aesthetic sense. The harmony in combining different shapes without neglecting the compatibility of colour and the entire visual impact plays an essential role in de?ning and characterising her style. 

At present her teaching takes her all around the world, training hundreds of students and professionals involved in this wonderful world of cake decoration. She focuses on trying to inspire her students and stimulate their creative potential. Natalia trusts in an endless source of creativity that is available to each of us - in a world, where everything is permitted, where nobody judges or intimidates you so that your imagination can run riot. 

“Let‘s seek out our inner child when we imagine. Let‘s be free of prejudices and become dreamers with a pure heart... and the magic will appear! How can we rediscover this source of creativity that has been missing for such a long time? The wisest among the wise once said... “By giving you receive“. So let‘s give something of ourselves ... Let‘s help others in a way everyone understands. I do my best; I convey my skills and humble knowledge about the source of creativity to anyone who asks me.”

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